Sell With Us

We love receiving beautiful gently worn designer and high end high street gems. We even offer a free pick up service if you live in South Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas.

Once received, items are checked for authenticity and wear & tear, then go on to be valued and a selling price determined.

Recommended selling prices will be discussed with the customer. After prices have been agreed, garments are steamed, photographed and uploaded Manor Drive UK ready to be snapped up by our hungry audience of style hunters.

Contact us any time at for an update on your items progress and to check your account balance. Once items sell we can credit your bank account on your request with 50% of the selling price and retain 50% as our commission fee.

So let us do all the hard work for you and get you the best price for your once treasured clothes, shoes, bags & accessories.

Simply download and complete the List Items form available here and send it to, or alternatively make a simple list of items you would like to sell and forward it to

We look forward to hearing from you!

Unsure on what labels we accept? Click here to find out which labels we love.